BeachTech for a perfect finish. 

Cleaning technique.

When perfection in beach maintenance is required, the BeachTech machines fear no competition. They fulfill all the technical, ecological and economic demands required of a reliable beach cleaning vehicle, all at reasonable costs.

The patented individual raking, screening and combined cleaning technique of all BeachTech products, manufactured by Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, guarantee optimal cleaning results.  With BeachTech as your beach cleaning partner, you will get only optimal results for a reliable, economic and efficient beach cleaning.

Whether the sand is wet or dry, compact or soft - the most efficient cleaning is always guaranteed because the best suited cleaning technique can be chosen and adjusted while cleaning. The possibility of switching between the rake and screen, or using both cleaning techniques at the same time, insures that even the smallest waste particles such as cigarette butts and pieces of glass are picked up with your BeachTech beach cleaning machine.

The dirty sand is picked up and placed on the oscillating screen which vibrates and separates the sand from the waste. The waste is then transported into the hopper at the back of the vehicle while the cleaned sand falls back onto the beach where it belongs. The polyethylene finisher provides a nice groomed look on your surface, pleasing all your beach going customers.

Raking technique

Problem: Solution:
  • wet sand
  • hard surface
  • dirt on surface only
  • pick-up blade barely touches the surface
  • tines go into the sand and throw the dirt onto the screening belt
  • high cleaning speed
  • high area efficiency
raking technique on wet sand and for surface cleaning

Screening technique

Problem: Solution:
  • dry sand
  • soft surface
  • dirt also buried deep in the sand
  • sand and dirt is collected via the pick-up blade
  • sand is screened out via the vibrating screening belt
  • in-depth cleaning
Screening technique on dry sand and for depth cleaning 

Combined technique

Problem: Solution:
  • dry to wet sand
  • dirt on surface
  • oil pollution
  • pick-up adjusted to sand conditions
  • pick-up taking up the top layers of the sand
  • high cleaning speed
  • high area efficiency
  • ideal for cleaning up lumps of oil
  • able to remove algae
The waste gets sifted out and transported directly into the hopper
Only the waste gets collected.