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Beach cleaning 

Clean and safe beaches require daily maintenance. Millions of tons of plastic waste float through the oceans and find their way to even the most remote beaches. The litter is not only a nuisance for tourists and visitors, but also poses real dangers: the risk of injury from broken glass and other small debris is high.  Manual beach cleaning is often no longer an economical alternative. As a manufacturer of beach cleaning equipment, BeachTech offers modern solutions for cleaning large and small sections of beach in the shortest possible time - day after day.   

Professional beach cleaning 

BeachTech beach cleaners are the efficient and economical solution for perfectly cleaned beaches.  

Garbage littered beach
Litter removal

BeachTech beach cleaners remove plastic trash and other debris. Even the smallest objects or debris below the sand surface, are picked up.  

Syringe in sand
Sharp objects

Shards, fragments, bottle caps or even syringes left behind become an invisible danger - especially for children. Thanks to beach cleaning with BeachTech, you can make your beach a safe place.  

Beach with BeachTech beach cleaner demonstration sand cleaning
Inviting beaches

BeachTech beach cleaners leave a homogeneous and structured beach image that is inviting to visitors.  

Walk-behind beach cleaner BeachTech Sweepy on the beach with beach chairs
Product range 

BeachTech has the right solution for your beach - choose between self-propelled, tractor-towed or walk behind beach cleaner depending on the requirements and size of the beach.  

Gezogener Strandreiniger BeachTech Demonstration Sandreinigung am StrandPulled Beach Cleaner BeachTech Demonstration Beach Sand Cleaning
Natural disinfection

Mechanical beach cleaning is always beach hygiene. BeachTech makes an important contribution to disease prevention and the maintenance of the beach ecosystem.  

Trailed beach cleaner with tractor on beach
Working width
Area coverage

BeachTech beach cleaners have different working widths. Choose the right area output for your beach size and maximize your profitability and efficiency!  

Quote with BeachTech beach cleaner on beach in background
our guests are very satisfied with our clean beaches.
Gerd Fisser, Borkum (Germany)


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