Oil & paraffin

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Oil spills and PAraffin 

When cleaning oil-contaminated beaches, details matter because it's important to keep the oil from penetrating deeper layers of sand that are still intact. BeachTech beach cleaners gently scrape the contaminated surface with the pick-up blade. The proven sieve technology and particularly fine sieve belts can then be used to separate the oily layer from the intact sand. BeachTech sand cleaners are thus an important addition to manual beach cleaning after oil spills.    

Quote with polluted sand by oil in background
Each BeachTech 2000 has replaced at least 100 people in cleaning up the contaminated beach  
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Saving flora and fauna

In the event of an oil spill, flora and fauna are particularly at risk.  
With oil-smeared plumage, birds often perish miserably before rescuers can clean it. BeachTech provides first aid.  

Sand polluted with oil
Safety below the surface  
Gentle sand cleaning

Sandy soils are important habitats for various animal and plant species. In the event of an oil spill, it is therefore important to protect the deeper layers of sand from contamination. BeachTech gently scrapes the surface of oil clumps and sand with the pick-up blade. The proven screening technology and particularly fine screening belts can then be used to separate the oily layer from the intact sand.  

Collection container with oil clumps
Safety on the surface  
Removing oil clumps

Oil clumps pose a life-threatening hazard, especially to birds. Quick action is required to protect wildlife. BeachTech beach cleaners remove oil clumps reliably, safely and quickly. They are thus an important component for first aid after oil spills.  


A flotsam of a special kind is kerosene. BeachTech helps here, too. For example, on the German island of Sylt, BeachTech not only works faster and more efficiently than other machines - by precisely sifting out the kerosene, the vehicle also only minimally interferes with the sensitive ecosystem of sand.   

Paraffin wax


In the event of an oil spill, fast help is needed:   
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