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help with Seagreass
on the beach

Worldwide, seagrass on the beach is a recurring problem and has now become a serious "threat" to tourism. Many years of experience with seagrass and brown algae make BeachTech a key player in the removal of algae. Especially the larger beach cleaners with a total loading volume of up to 4.7 m³ are able to pick up and remove large amounts of seagrass and algae. BeachTech beach cleaners thus contribute to reducing the impact of this problem on tourism.  

Beach cleaner BeachTech collection container with algae
solution to the seagrass problem can only be a global and holistic one. In the short termBeachTech is assisting in the removal of the huge amounts of 

clean beacheswithoutSeagrass 

Stinky seagrass carpets that attract sand fleas and are a haven for bacteria are becoming a threat to beach tourism. BeachTech sand cleaners reliably remove seaweed.   

BeachTech Beach Cleaner Bread Bin with Seaweed


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