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BeachTech sand cleaners are a uniquely efficient and economical solution for power screening - for example, in seedbed preparation. They optimally prepare the soil to receive seed or planting material.  BeachTech sand cleaners loosen the soil and pick up the top layer of soil, sift out stones and vegetation, and immediately return the loosened and aerated topsoil to the seedbed. And all this in one efficient, cost-saving operation!  The result is an optimally prepared seedbed for good seed germination and juvenile growth.  

Quote with pulled beach cleaner Cherrington on seedbed in background
for strong plants, optimally prepared soil is immensely important. beachtech takes care of everything in one step - with the maximum quality and very efficiently.

Rock removal

The better the seedbed preparation, the stronger the seedling. During soil preparation with BeachTech, even the smallest stones and roots are removed. 



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