Water filter treatment

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sedimentation tanks  

BeachTech for cleaning water filter systems: With their powerful pick-up motor, the sand cleaners loosen the soil and at the same time reduce the growth of plants or algae. Unlike conventional methods, BeachTech sand cleaning does not require the removal of anything for years. The combined raking and screening technology removes 80 percent of weeds and filter residues, greatly extending the service life of filter systems. The aeration of the sand also greatly reduces the density of bacteria.  

Quote with beach cleaner BeachTech pulled in water filter treatment in background
Compared to conventional methods, the debris is removed and the sand filter  is aerated while the sand bed remains intact. 
Matthias Lange, WasserWerkService Essen (Germany)

Clean sandfilter basins

BeachTech sand cleaners remove more than 80% of weeds and filter residues from water treatment plants, leaving the sand in the basin. Compared to conventional methods, in which the top 2 - 4 cm of the sand layer is laboriously removed, washed and reapplied every year, nothing has to be removed for years when using BeachTech technology.  

Beach Cleaner BeachTech Close Up Vibrating Screen And Collection Bin
Use in water treatment


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