Beach cleaner BeachTech Marina side view in showroom

Area coverage

The beach cleaner has a working width of 1.40 m for an area output of up to 15,000 m²/h. 

Optional equipment
Air conditioning

The optionally available air conditioning system provides refreshment on hot days and thus offers even more comfort when working. 

Safety Features

The self-propelled beach cleaner is equipped with many safety features (acoustic warning alarms in the event of incorrect operations, backup alarm, electrically operated exterior mirrors for optimum visibility, warning beacons and seatbelt.

Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech Marina Nahaufnahme High-Flotation Bereifung
Für optimum traction 
High flotation tires

High Flotation tires for high payloads at low air pressure. The special tires provide the beach cleaner with the best possible traction on soft surfaces.

Beach cleaner BeachTech Marina side view in showroom
Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech Marina Nahaufnahme Finisher
Visible cleanliness

The hydraulically adjustable self-steering  finisher ensures a perfect beach appearance with the groove pattern – the signature of a cleaned and inviting beach 

Easy to use
Collection hopper

The collection hopper has a loading volume of 0.5 m³ and can be dumped at a height of 1.63 m.

Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech Marina Nahaufnahme Hinterradlenkung und Finisher
For smallest turning circles
Rear-axle steering 

Thanks to the switchable, active rear-wheel steering and the articulated steering at the front, the turning radius of the BeachTech Marina is reduced to an inside radius of 1.70 m when cleaning. This means that even beach furniture can be closely circled. 

Beach Cleaner BeachTech Marina View Cabin Interior


The ergonomically designed cockpit and joystick make operation easy. Large electric mirrors allow excellent all-round visibility. The comfortable, two-seater operator's cab is available with a folding roof hatch or air conditioning. 

Beach cleaner BeachTech Marina technical drawing with dimension side view and front view
Beach cleaner BeachTech Marina technical drawing demonstration turning ability bird's eye view

Technical Data

Overall length5,785 mm
Width1,770 mm
Height2,340 mm
Working width1,400 mm
Net weight2,775 kg
Payload725 kg
Gross weight limit3,500 kg
Max. area coverage15,000 m²/h
Working depth up to30 cm
Road legalyes
Capacity collection hopper0.5 m³
Unloadng height1,635 mm
Max. working speed (depending on soil conditions)12 km/h
TypeKubota, Turbodiesel
No. of cylinders4
Power33,0 kW (42 hp)
Torque120 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Displacement1,498 cm³
Emission standardEU stage III A; EPA Tier4 i
Overall length18 ft 12 in
Width5 ft 10 in
Height7 ft 8 in
Working width4 ft 7 in
Leergewicht6,117 lbs
Payload1,598 lbs
Gross weight limit7,716 lbs
Max. area coverage3.71 acres/h
Working depth up to11 in
Road legalpossible
Fassungsvermögen Sammelbehälter0.65 cu yd
Unloading height5 ft 36 in
Max. working speed (depending on soil conditions)7.5 mph
TypeKubota, Turbodiesel
No. of cylinders4
Power33.0 kW (42 hp)
Torque120 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Displacement0.33 gal
Emission standardEU stage III A; EPA Tier4 i

Clean beaches thanks to sophisticated technologies

Rely on BeachTech for professional beach cleaning!  

Perfectly cleaned sand

BeachTech Marina works with Rotary Screen Technology. The sand is picked up by the pickup blade with spring tines and transported to the rotating screen belt. Here, even the smallest particles of dirt, such as bottle caps, shards or cigarette butts, are screened out. Larger items, such as stones or plastic waste, are also reliably collected. The cleaned sand falls back to the ground. The different settings of the spring tines allow the operator to switch between screening, raking and mixing technology and thus to react quickly to special conditions, such as wet, heavy sand.  

Beach cleaner BeachTech Marina on the beach with beach chairs

Spring tines:   
Low maintenance, individually replaceable  

Screen belts:  
Different mesh sizes  

Eccentric shafts:  
Various shapes, diameters and profiles  

Maintenance-free bearings:  
No more need for re-greasing  

Reversing valve:  
Change of direction of the sieve belt possible  

  • Air conditioning for more comfort
  • Camera system for better view of the pick-up shaft
  • Radio
  • Attachments incl. water sprayer system
  • Sprayer with 400l water tank for dust reduction in dry sand conditions
  • Front power lift


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Beach cleaner BeachTech Marina in showroom