Plastic-free beaches

Rid the beaches of plastic waste by your own beach cleaning project – supported by BeachTech.

According to current estimates, up to ten million metric tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. Currents and wind spread them throughout the ocean, and a significant proportion of the plastic is washed back ashore. Thanks to its patented cleaning technology, BeachTech provides the option of collecting plastic waste, thus preventing it from polluting the ocean again.

A BeachTech vehicle cleans a beach filled with trash

BeachTech in action worldwide against plastic waste on beaches

No Plastic Waste Back to the Oceans

In areas heavily frequented by tourists, in particular, a lot of waste is left behind on the beach. But even beaches off the beaten path are increasingly threatened by plastic waste that washes ashore. BeachTech beach cleaners are an efficient addition to manual beach cleaning.

The Great Nurdle CleanUp

When the vessel X-Press Pearl sank off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, countless plastic pallets, known as nurdles, were spread across 700 km of coastline. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste supported the Marine Environment Protection Authority of Sri Lanka with multiple BeachTech Sweepy machines to capture these nurdles.

World CleanUp Day

World CleanUp Day, which is held every year, and International Coastal CleanUp Day call for participation – work together for our Earth. The municipality of Théoule-sur-Mer, Promenade de la Darse in France relied on BeachTech for World CleanUp Day 2021.

Beach CleanUp Actions

As the leading manufacturer of professional beach cleaning equipment, BeachTech supports international organizations and corporations in planning and implementing beach cleaning campaigns.

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Alliance to End Plastic Waste

BeachTech supports Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global organization with the goal of reducing plastic waste by deploying various BeachTech beach cleaning devices.

International Coastal Cleanup Logo

International Coastal Cleanup Day

BeachTech beach cleaners are used on various beaches in the world every year on "International Coastal Cleanup Day".

A personalized BeachTech Marina

Flotsam and Jetsam

The FLENS StrandGut campaigns of Flensburger Brauerei, a brewery located in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, to remove flotsam and jetsam from beaches combine proactive environmental protection with responsible tourism. Among the participants: a personalized BeachTech Marina.

Plan your Beach CleanUp now

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Red cup on the ground
BeachTech cleans the beach faster and more efficiently than would be possible manually. We require less manpower and reduce the risk for the people working here.
Ravi Buddika, Marina Environment Officer, Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA)