Beach Cleaning Machines

BeachTech has been the leading provider of professional beach cleaning machines since 1991.

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Professional Equipment 
for clean Beaches

Select from nine models with different working widths and various cleaning technologies.

The portfolio includes self-propelled vehicles, tractor-towed beach cleaners and walk behind beach cleaners. BeachTech mobile sifters are also used in any application where sand or screenable soil needs to be cleaned or stones have to be removed from – in agriculture, when cleaning horse arenas, playgrounds or water treatment ponds as well as in soil treatment on sod farms.

Agile and easy to operate

Self-propelled beach cleaners

Our self-propelled beach cleaners are extremely maneuverable. The BeachTech 5500 with its three-wheel-design can turn on the spot, allowing to pass by obstacles and cope narrow sections with ease. The air-conditioned cab and the ergonomic seat offer driving comfort, when working long shifts.

The BeachTech 5500 beach cleaning machine with its three-wheel-design cleaning a beach.

Why should I choose a self-propelled beach cleaning machine?

Self-propelled beach cleaners provide high maneuverability and efficiency. 

Discover our self-propelled beach cleaning machines

Up for any challenge

tractor towed Beach cleaners and sand Sifters

Our tractor-towed beach cleaners cover areas at a rate of up to 30,000 m² per hour, offering solutions for cleaning surfaces of any size. Thanks to their cleaning technologies and different screen sizes, our team will support you choosing the beach cleaner that perfectly fits your individual operating conditions. 

Tractor-towed sand sifters by BeachTech can clean surfaces of any size

Tractor towed sifters for sand cleaning and rock removal

Why should I choose a tractor towed sand cleaning machine?

Discover our tractor towed beach cleaning machines

Clean beaches, sand and soil

From beach cleaning on the sea, rivers and lakes, equestrian facilities and agricultural land to playgrounds and sports grounds – BeachTech cleans soils in different areas and removes stones from them.

Easy handling in tight sections

Walk behind Beach cleaners

Our walk-behind models allow thorough sand cleaning in narrow beach sections, on playgrounds and beach volleyball courts. They turn on the spot and effortlessly maneuver around obstacles, such as sunbeds and umbrellas. 

The BeachTech Sweepy Hydro is a walk-behind beach cleaning machine for small areas

Why should I choose a walk-behind beach cleaning machine?

Walk-behind beach cleaners are ideal for cleaning and grading small beach sections.

Discover our walk-behind beach cleaning machines 

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