BeachTech 1000

The versatile mobile screener

Tractor with trailed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000


Trailed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000 front view in showroom
Towed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000 close up of tires
For optimum traction 

High Flotation tires

High Flotation tires for high payloads at low air pressure. The special tires provide the beach cleaner with the best possible traction on soft surfaces. 

Trailed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000 close-up vibrating screen
Extra thorough sand cleaning 

Vibrating screen 

The beach cleaner picks up the sand or top soil. The conveyor system loading paddles carry the sand and debris up and over the oscillating screen. The screen plate is available in different mesh sizes. Any objects larger than the selected screen size are collected in the collection bin. The clean sand falls through the screen, leaving a perfectly cleaned beach. 

Towed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000 rear view in showroom
BeachTech 1000 Towed Beach Cleaner Demonstration Finisher
Visible Cleanliness


The finisher smoothes the sand surface and compresses it slightly. In doing so, it leaves behind the grooved pattern - the signature of a cleaned and inviting sand surface

BeachTech 1000 towed beach cleaner close-up of collection hopper
Large loading volume

Collection hopper

The collection hopper can hold up to 0.4 m³ (0.52 cu. yd) of trash, stones or other material. Emptying is hydraulically controlled, and the dump height of the beach cleaner is 1,524 mm (60 in.). 

Pulled Beach Cleaner BeachTech 1000 close up view plug on pump
Towed Beach Cleaner BeachTech 1000 with tractor side view on street
Easy Attachment

Slip-on pump

To operate the BeachTech 1000, a tractor with 30 - 45 hp (depending on sand conditions), a PTO speed of 540 rpm and a 3-point hitch, Cat. I is required. The slip-on pump gives the beach cleaner a tight turning circle for great flexibility. 

Towed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000 close up remote control

The display allows you to control all functions of the beach cleaner easily and comfortably from the tractor:

  • Activate and control the direction of the conveyor system
  • Control the finisher setting
  • Control the dump height of the hopper
  • Control the dump function of the hopper
Gezogener Strandreiniger BeachTech 1000 Vorderansicht im Showroom
Gezogener Strandreiniger BeachTech 1000 Hinteransicht im Showroom

Technical Data

Vehicle length3,250 mm
Vehicle width1,750 mm
Working width1,220 mm
Vehicle height1,800 mm
Dump height0 – 1,600 mm
Empty weight1,220 kg
Permitted total weight1,500 kg
Permitted total weight (during operation)2,000 kg
Area coverageup to 7,500 m²/h
Waste container0.4 m³
Vehicle length10 ft 8 in
Vehicle width5 ft 9 in
Working width4 ft 0 in
Vehicle height5 ft 11 in
Dump height0 – 5 ft 3 in
Empty weight2.690 lbs
Permitted total weight3.307 lbs
Permitted total weight (during operation)4.409 lbs
Area coverageup to 1.85 acres/hr
Waste container0,5 cu yd

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Trailed beach cleaner BeachTech 1000 front view