Cleaning technology

Offering various cleaning methods, BeachTech has the suitable solution for any type of contaminant. The screening method is always part of it!

Most of the contaminants are below the surface of the sand. As BeachTech beach cleaners clean down to 30 cm (12") below the sand surface, they reliably pick up any type of contaminant. The screening method ensures that even the smallest pieces of contaminant are reliably removed from the sand. BeachTech removes cigarette butts, broken glass, plastic bottles, flotsam and jetsam, but also seaweed, oil and paraffin safely and without problems.

BeachTech 1500
BeachTech 2000 mit Spur

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Get to know our products! Matching your individual requirements, you can find beach cleaners with a driver's cab, models pulled by a tractor and models to walk behind with various area coverages at our company. Please complete the form, and one of our experts will contact you to recommend the ideal product for cleaning your beaches and soils.

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