Rotary Screen Technology

BeachTech offers a patented cleaning technology that can pick up contaminants of all sorts down to a cleaning depth of 30 cm (11.8") also below the sand surface. Stepless switching between the various cleaning methods is possible. At an area coverage of up to 30,000 m² per hour, BeachTech beach cleaners are particularly effective.

Details about the Rotary Screen technology 

Aufnahmeschar, PickUp-Walze mit Federzinken

Pickup blade, pickup roll with spring tines
The sand-waste mixture is picked up at this position. The pickup blade can be steplessly lowered and immersed into the sand down to a depth of 30 cm (11.8"). Due to the adjustable pickup roll, the spring tines can additionally be extended down to various depths into the sand (your choice of screening, raking or mixed technique).

Raking, screening or mixed technique
Depending on the setting of the pickup roll and working depth, you can choose between various settings: 

  • Screening technique
    The pickup is retracted. The pickup blade can be lowered and immersed into the sand down to a depth of 30 cm (11.8").
  • Raking technique
    The pickup blade is at ground level and can be lowered and immersed into the sand down to a depth of 5 cm. The pickup roll is extended, the spring tines reach deeper into the sand and rake the sand-waste mixture onto the blade.
  • Mixed technique
    Stepless setting between raking and screening technique.

Screening belt
After the contaminants have been picked up by the pickup blade, they are conveyed onto a rotating screening belt. The screening belt is available in various versions and mesh sizes and can thereby screen out objects of various sizes.

Sammelbehälter und Finisher

Hopper and finisher
Now the pieces of waste are in the hopper. The finisher at the rear of the beach cleaner smooths the surface of the ground and makes it look uniform and clean

Screening method

BeachTech Strandreiniger mit Siebtechnik

With the screening technique, you can reliably pick up and screen out contaminants that are below the sand surface, such as cigarette butts, pieces of broken glass and even larger contaminants such as cans, bottles, shells and seaweed.

The pickup blade can be lowered and immersed into the sand down to a depth of 30 cm. The sand-waste mixture is transported to the rotating screening belt, where the waste and other things that were picked up are screened out with high efficiency. The cleaned sand falls back to the ground.

Raking method

The raking technique is very efficient in wet conditions and processes dry sand at a high area velocity. It is also the preferred choice for the removal of algae or for rough surface cleaning.

The pickup blade is lowered to ground level. The pick up is extended. The tines reach into the sand and rake the sand and waste onto the rotating screening belt. In this way, the picked-up quantity of sand is reduced in wet conditions, effective screening is guaranteed and the waste within the surface is reliably picked up.

BeachTech Strandreiniger mit Rechentechnik

Mixed method

BeachTech Strandreiniger mit Mixtechnik

The combination of the methods ensures optimum cleaning on any type of sand and in any weather. Adjustment between the two methods is stepless.

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