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beach cleaning

Since 1991, BeachTech has been the leading provider of professional beach cleaning machines. Currently, customers can select from nine models with different working widths and various cleaning technologies. The portfolio includes self-propelled vehicles, trailing machines hitched to a tractor and small beach cleaners to walk behind. Away from the beach, BeachTech implements are also used in any location where sand or screenable soil must be cleaned or stones must be removed from it – in agriculture, when cleaning equestrian facilities, playgrounds or water treatment ponds as well as in soil treatment on sod farms.

Objects picked up

BeachTech removes the following in the cleaning process:

Syringe in sand
BeachTech picks up

Dangerous objects

Tipped/sharp objects such as syringes, nails, broken glass.

Cigarettes in sand
BeachTech picks up


Cigarette filters and other toxic litter.

Cans in the sand
BeachTech picks up


Packaging, tissues, bottle caps.

Nurdles at the beach
BeachTech picks up

Plastic pellets (nurdles)

Nurdles are raw material for the plastics industry. Millions of lentil-sized nurdles end up in the sea every year.

Plastic waste at the beach
BeachTech picks up

Plastic waste

Microplastic and hard plastic, plastic bags, drinking straws, etc.

BeachTech picks up


From pebbles to larger rocks.

Seaweed and algae in a BeachTech
BeachTech picks up

Seaweed and algae

BeachTech cleans the beach by removing major quantities of seaweed and algae.

Oil and paraffin at the beach
BeachTech picks up

Oil and paraffin

Rapid aid in environmental disasters.

Red Tide at the beach
BeachTech picks up

... and much more!

Red tide, driftwood, ammunition washed ashore, etc.

Cherrington on the beach


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