BeachTech 5500

The self-propelled beach cleaner

The new BeachTech 5500 beach cleaner on the beach
Quote with picture of self propelled beach cleaner and beach in background
The BeachTech 5500 is extremely maneuverable and allows the tighetest of turns. the excellent cleaning result and Good finish are also essential to us. 
Xavi Sala, Head of Delegation of the GBI GRUP, Spain


SelbsBeachTech 5500 self-propelled beach cleaner front view in showroomtfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech 5500 Vorderansicht im Showroom

Low-maintenance screening unit 

With only three bearings, hydrostatic direct drive, a galvanized screen bed and a robust transport system (with carbide-reinforced wear parts), the screen unit is extremely low-maintenance. 

Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech 5500 3-Rad-Design am Strand
Maneuverable and flexible


The 3-wheel design makes the beach cleaner particularly maneuverable and agile. This is a great advantage especially for narrow beach accesses, small beaches or bays. Due to the 0° turning radius, even smaller obstacles such as beach furniture, outdoor showers, etc. can be easily navigated around.

Air-conditioned drivers' cab 

For comfortable work, even at the highest temperatures! The ROPS-certified cabin is also equipped with a high-quality seat, as well as an ergonomic control unit.

Area coverage

With a working width of 1,524 mm (5 ft) and the large loading volume, you can achieve large area performance with the BeachTech 5500. Even more cleaned beach in less time! The increased efficiency is noticeable: You gain time. You consume less fuel. And save a lot as a result. 

BeachTech 5500 self-propelled beach cleaner back view in showroom
Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech 5500 Nahaufnehme Sammelbehälter
Large loading volume

Collection hopper

The compact collection hopper has a volume of 1.5 m³. Thanks to the large capacity, you don't have to stop as often to empty the hopper saving time and energy.

The dump height of the collection hopper ranges from 0 mm up to 2.60 meters. This gives you the option of pouring the material directly into a  collecation area or onto a trailer and transporting it away.

Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech 5500 Nahaufnehme Finisher
Visible cleanliness


The finisher smoothes the sand surface and compresses it slightly. In doing so, it leaves behind the grooved pattern - the signature of a cleaned and inviting beach.

Selbstfahrender Strandreiniger BeachTech 5500 Nahaufnehme High-Flotation Bereifung
Optimum traction

High flotation tires

High Flotation tires for high payloads at low air pressure. The special tires provide the beach cleaner with the best possible traction on soft surfaces.

Beach Cleaner BeachTech 5500 Vehicle Interior Display View

Operating terminal

All functions of the beach cleaner are controlled via the central operating terminal, e.g.:

  • Setting the working depth of the collection coulter
  • Opening / closing of the collection hopper
  • Monitoring of vehicle functions (oil level, temperature)

Camera system

With the BeachTech 5500 camera system, you always have an overview: In addition to a rear camera, you also have the sieve belt and your finish in view. Thanks to the sieve belt monitoring, you can adjust the working depth to the prevailing conditions at any time and thus optimize your cleaning result. 


Use the joystick to control various functions of the beach cleaner:

  • Driving direction forward / backward
  • Lifting / lowering the pick-up blade
  • Adjustment of the working depth
  • Control of the automatic working depth adjustment
Self-propelled beach cleaner BeachTech 5500 3-wheel design technical drawing with dimension front view and side view

Technical Data

Overall length5,525 mm
Width2,450 mm
Height2,420 mm
Working width1,600 mm
Width (Road travel)2,450 mm
Net weight4,550 kg
Gross weight limit5,600 kg
Max. area coverage17,000 m²
Working depth up 15 cm
Hopper capacity1.5 m³
Dump heightfrom 0 to 2,600 mm
Top speed15 km/h
TypeDeutz, Turbodiesel
No. of cylinders4
Power55,0 kW (74 hp)
Torque2,400 U/min
Displacement2,925 m³
Emission standardAvailable in: EU Stage V, EU Stage III b or EU Stage III a; Tier 4, Tier 4i
Overall length18 ft 2 in
Width9 ft 2 in
Height7 ft 11 in
Working width5 ft 3 in
Width (Road travel)8 ft
Net weight10,031 lbs
Gross weight limit12,346 lbs
Max. area coverage 4.2 acres/h
Working depth up 6 in
Hopper capacity2.0 cu yd
Dump height0 – 8 ft 6 in
Top speed9.3 mph
TypeDeutz, Turbodiesel
No. of cylinders4
Power55.0 kW (74 PS)
Torque2,400 U/min
Displacement3,826 cu yd
 Emission standardEU Stage III A; EPA Tier 4 i

beach cleaning
with beachtech

Rely on the BeachTech 5500 for professional beach cleaning!

BeachTech 5500 self-propelled beach cleaner rear view on beach

"Power screening" for perfect cleaning results

The BeachTech 5500 can continuously lower the pick-up blade into the sand to a depth of up to 15 cm. The sand is picked up and guided upwards via a galvanized loading belts. The cleaned sand falls back through the oscillating screen onto the ground, while the picked-up material moves into the collection hopper. In the process, even the smallest particles of litter, such as cigarette butts, bottle caps or broken glass to plastic bottles, cans or stones are reliably removed from the beach - making it a safe place for your guests.


Camera system

Cameras for monitoring the screening system, the collection hopper as well as rear view. 

Control unit

Central control and monitoring of all vehicle functions, e.g.: 

  • - Setting the working depth of the pickup blade
  • - Opening / closing of the collection hopper
  • - Monitoring of vehicle functions (oil level, temperature)


The finisher leaves the a visually pleasing groove pattern in the cleaned sand. 

Air conditioning

For comfortable work, even at high temperatures.

The BeachTech 5500 leaves nothing to be desired! All features, such as air conditioning, camera system, digital operating and control panel and the galvanized sieve bed, are on board this beach cleaner as standard.


Get more information or a quote for the BeachTech 5500 self-propelled beach cleaner! Please fill out the form and your local distributor will contact you. Alternatively, you can contact your representative directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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