Fixed Screen Technology

Due to the sturdy design of the screening unit with rigidly installed screening sheet metal and a transport system unit, this technology is ideal for:

  • Any kind of contamination on the beach
  • Soil preparation in agriculture
  • Maintenance of riding arenas: cleaning of riding sand on racetracks, corrals, etc.
  • Fine stone removal from sand and screenable soil

The pickup blade can be steplessly lowered and immersed into the sand 15 or 20 cm (7.9") deep.  The sand-waste mixture is picked up and transported through the vibrating screening unit into the hopper by means of a transport system unit. The sand is screened and dumped back onto the beach in a clean state. Pieces of litter from the size of a cigarette butt, broken glass, bottle caps or weeds up to bottles, cans and stones are transported into the hopper.

Fixexd Screen Technologie im Detail: Das Schmutz-Sand-Gemisch wird aufgenommen und über ein vibrierendes Siebblech in einen Sammelbehälter transportiert.

How the Fixed Screen technology works

Nicole from the BeachTech team presents the BeachTech Cherrington 440 XL (now renamed BeachTech 1000). She explains how the "Fixed Screen technology" works and what its advantages are.

Details about the Fixed Screen technology 


Pickup blade
The sand-waste mixture is picked up by the pickup blade and the conveyor system. The pickup blade can be steplessly lowered and immersed into the sand down to a depth of 15 or 20 cm (7.9").

Siebeinheit mit Transportsystem

Screening unit with transport system unit
The transport system conveys the sand-waste mixture using a stationary section of vibrating screening unit.


Screening unit
Pieces of waste are screened out and conveyed further by the transport system into the hopper. The cleaned sand falls through the screen back to the ground.

Sammelbehälter und Finisher

Hopper and finisher
Now the pieces of waste are in the hopper. The finisher at the rear of the beach cleaner smooths the surface of the ground and makes it look uniform and clean.

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