BeachTech 1500

The rugged model

BeachTech 1500 cleans a large beach


BeachTech 1500 front view
Transport system unit of the BeachTech 1500
Transport system unit

Lifting and screening: In the cleaning process, the transport system unit conveys the sand across a vibrating screen. The sand is screened and the dirt is conveyed into the container.

Due to the power sieve a particularly thorough sand cleaning is possible
Particularly thorough sand cleaning
Power screening

The beach cleaner picks up the sand and guides it through a transport system unit across a vibrating screen. The screening sheet metal is available in various mesh sizes. Any objects larger than the selected screen size are caught in the waste container. The cleaned sand falls through the screen, leaving behind a perfectly cleaned beach.

The level blade of the BeachTech 1500 levels the sand surface
Level blade

The level blade equalizes uneven depressions to make screening easier.

Guide wheel

Guide wheels allow for uniform screening depth and the machine can move along the contours of the beach.

BeachTech 1500 back view
The hydraulic collection container of the BeachTech 1500 has a large loading volume
Large loading volume
Hydraulic waste container

The waste container holds up to 1.5 m³ of waste, rocks or other picked-up material. Emptying is hydraulically controlled. The unloading height of the beach cleaner is 0 – 2,600 mm.

The BeachTech has high flotation tires for optimal traction
For optimal traction
High-flotation tires

High-flotation tires for high payload at low air pressure. The special tires provide the beach cleaner with the best possible traction on soft surfaces.

The BeachTech 1500's finisher smoothes the sand surface

The finisher smooths the sand surface and slightly compresses it. In doing so, it leaves behind the characteristic groove pattern – a smooth, inviting beach appearance.

BeachTech 1500 cleans a beach passage
Attaching the BeachTech 1500 to a tractor is very easy
Easy attachment

To operate the BeachTech 1500, a tractor with 30 – 45 metric hp (depending on sand composition), a PTO shaft speed of 540 rpm and a 3-point hitch, cat. I, are required. The stack-on pump provides the beach cleaner with a tight turning circle, making it highly versatile.

Remote control of the BeachTech 1500

All functions of the beach cleaner can be easily operated from the driver's seat using the digital operating terminal.

  • Adjustment of guide wheels and level blade
  • Opening and closing of the waste container
  • Monitoring the vehicle functions
The technical dimensions of the BeachTech 1500

Technical data

Vehicle length5,430 mm
Vehicle width2,480 mm
Vehicle height2,400 mm
Vehicle height with beacon light (optional)2,430 mm
Working width1,600 mm
Empty weight3,120 kg
Permitted total weight3,500 kg
Operating data
Area coverage up to17,000 m²/h
Working depth up to15 cm
Power take-off AR NORM540 rpm
Discharge height0 – 2,600 mm
Capacity waste container1.50 m³
Vehicle length17 ft 10 in
Vehicle width8 ft 2 in
Vehicle height7 ft 10 in
Vehicle height with beacon light (optional)7 ft 12 in
Working width5 ft 3 in
Empty weight6,878 lbs
Permitted total weight7,716 lbs
Operating data
Area coverage up to4.20 acres/hr
Working depth up to6 in
Power take-off AR NORM540 rpm
Discharge height0 – 8 ft 6 in
Capacity waste container2.0 cu yd


Remote control of BeachTech 1500
Remote control
Guide wheel function of BeachTech 1500
Guide wheel function
Level blade function of BeachTech 1500
Level blade function
Screen of BeachTech 1500
High Flotation tires of BeachTech 1500
Finisher of BeachTech 1500
The attachment of the BeachTech 1500 to a traction unit

BeachTech 1500 in Action

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