Sand cleaning for clean play areas and sports areas

Clean sand surfaces are essential to carefree fun. Unfortunately, invisible dangers are often concealed beneath the top of the sand surface. Broken glass, stones and other sharp objects are frequently seen only after it is too late. BeachTech beach cleaners allow for a particularly thorough cleaning.

The sand is picked up and screened through a double vibrating screen. As a result, shards, trash and stones migrate into the hopper and can be disposed of easily and hygienically. The cleaned sand falls back to the ground and then is smoothed by the finisher.

Multifunctional in any Season

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The BeachTech Sweepy is a real multi-talent. The modular quick-change system means that in just a few easy steps you can turn the sand cleaner into a snow remover, lawn mower, leaf vacuum, street sweeper and much more. The diverse options for use in all seasons make the BeachTech Sweepy an economical and efficient solution for your company.

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Sand cleaning on volleyball courts

Summer, sun, beach volleyball! For the volleyball court to remain a safe place for the athletes, clean sand is essential. Above all at public facilities, however, there are frequently shards, plastic trash and other contaminants. Replacing the sand regularly is associated with a high amount of time and money. With the handy BeachTech Sweepy Hydro sand cleaner, it is easy to remove trash and stones – without having to replace all the sand. The hand-guided beach cleaner lifts and sifts the sand. The waste moves into the waste container while the cleaned and aerated sand falls back to the ground. 

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