All around the world, seaweed on the beach is a recurring problem, which has now become a serious threat to tourism. Many years of experience with seaweed and brown algae make BeachTech an important partner for removing these deposits. Thanks to their large load volumes, BeachTech beach cleaning machines are capable of collecting and transporting even large quantities of seaweed and algae. By doing so, BeachTech beach cleaners contribute to reducing the effects of this problem on tourism.

Pulled Beach Cleaner BeachTech Demonstration Sand Cleaning Seagrass

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BeachTech Beach Cleaner Bread Bin with Seaweed

Stinking algae slicks attract sand fleas and are a paradise for bacteria. The contaminated beaches look unhealthy, have negative effects on flora and fauna and deter tourists. BeachTech beach cleaners are the reliable and economical solution for removing seaweed. Take a look at our beach cleaning machines.

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