Seedbed preparation

BeachTech 1000 on a seedbed
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Optimally prepared soil is immensely important in ensuring that seedlings are strong. BeachTech does it all in one pass – in maximum quality and with high efficiency.

Mechanical weed removal

Fewer weeds ensure a higher crop yield: As wild weeds, frequently cyperus varieties, in particular, spread prolifically and thus compete with crops for nutrition, unwanted vegetation must be removed from the soil before sowing. Mechanical screening of weeds reduces vegetation and thus allows the user to dispense with herbicides.

Mechanical weed removal

Removing rocks from seedbeds

Fields are gentle on your harvesting machines: BeachTech vehicles remove even the smallest rocks before sowing. The robust design and the stable cleaning unit of the BeachTech screening machines enable operations in soil cultivation – with little wear and low maintenance!

Removing rocks from seedbeds

Field preparation before sowing

Before another sowing process, plant remains that have remained in the soil after the previous harvest must be removed as well. BeachTech picks up the topmost layer of the soil and screens it both thoroughly and effectively together with rocks, weeds and roots. The cleaned soil drops back onto the subsoil and thus always remains on site. The screened soil is loosened and aerated, ideally preparing it for sowing.

Field preparation before sowing
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