Pleasure guaranteed!

Guwa is a swiss sports marketing and event company, which, in addition to many other things, hosts international beach volleyball tournaments and camps. They also build the courts and sell special sand for this purpose. These sites get cleaned and maintained with a BeachTech Sweepy. Guwa Sports Management has equipped over 200 beach courts with PREMIUM quartz sand in the last 20 years in Switzerland alone. In addition, the company organizes numerous beach camps - also in Mallorca. Since last year the beach volleyball portfolio has been rounded off with professional cleaning of the challenging sand. This work is done by a BeachTech Sweepy, which travels in an uncomplicated way on a trailer from site to site to provide for optimal conditions and easygoing fun. Thanks to its reliable work no rocks or shards taint the sports experience. Guwa is considered a national market leader and is highly experienced in matters of beach volleyball events in Switzerland. The global activities and the extensive international network underline the good image also outside of their own country. BeachTech is also market leader and provides clean beaches and clean sand due to convincing cleaning techniques. And that for over 25 years. A lot of competence on both sides - for the perfect conditions on the court!