Knowhow in technology and support

The technical documentation has been updated to a unified status, the design of the assemblies has been simplified, and the sales organization has been combined. Summed up nicely: Expertise and experience from 26 years of BeachTech and 20 years of Cherrington are now bundled in Laupheim.
Double the skill in technology and support
Our technicians and designers have quickly acquainted themselves with the plans of the Cherrington models and discovered ample opportunity for synergy. We are now busy working on the following: Making standards match, defining identical parts for simplifying many assemblies, combining the advantages of BeachTech and Cherrington - and documenting it all accordingly. Alot of work has to be done! Patrick Zwickl, BeachTech Developer from Laupheim, Germany, deserves special mention here as the mastermind in technical matters. Last year, he flew across the Atlantic countless times to share and exchange information with his American colleagues. "The last year was an especially exciting and intense time for me. Thanks to extensive close collaboration with our colleagues from Cherrington, we have developed many approaches to solutions for our now common projects," he says. "Together we are stronger than ever - we notice that again and again!" Meanwhile, he has also garnered much support in Laupheim in Germany: Over the course of the acquisition of Cherrington, five new positions have been created. Additional design engineers are now working in the beachcleaning area. Customer-oriented approaches to solutions
The role of Matthias Zimmermann, our new BeachTech man in customer service, is also key. In recent months, he has studied the demands of the market and individual customers in depth, "A lot need to be done - in the most positive sense! After all, our customers are the best suppliers of ideas." We work in close collaboration with our customers and our colleagues from the development department. The input gives rise to customer-oriented approaches to solutions that not only facilitate work on the beach but also advance cleaning technology.