Special operations

Whether creating or cleaning new cultivated landscapesor sports fields with high requirements, the mobile screening solutions from Cherrington offer a successful solution to any type of soil tilling.
There is a problem that even hobbyist gardeners encounter when creating a new planting bed. It is the same problem that is downright critical for companies that prepare or maintain cultivated landscapes on a large scale: How do you get roots, stones and wood out of the ground easily so that the surface is best prepared for further processing? The answer is simple: Using the mobile screensolutions from Cherrington. In just a single step, it removes all extra material from the soil and loosens, screens and smooths any type of surface. This is how it works:
The hydraulically powered spiked roller - available as an option for this application and mounted all the way at the front - loosens up the compact soil before the screening process. The screening module can now dig deep with ease while the rugged transportsystem unit pushes dirt, grass cover, roots and stones up and over the giant screening sheet metal. Anything that does not belong in the soil is easily sorted out. The fine dirt then returns to the seedbed. And the rest? Roots, stones and everything else end up in the waste container and are ultimately discarded. What remains is a finely prepared subsurface - ready to be turned into a playing field, golf course, riding arena or water filtering system. Low-maintenance concept, innovative design
The mobile screen solution eliminates the need fora fixed screen which would require first transporting the material. A process that previously took laborious effort by hand and several steps can now be done quickly and easily while driving over the landscape. The screening sheet metal used here is available in a finer and larger-meshed version. It is pulsed in short, strong shaking motions by a hydraulically powered high-speed motor. Thanks to the effective, high-quality rubber damper, originally from the aerospace industry, the vibrations are not transferred to the main frame. The innovative system has even more advantages: It is gentle on all components, low-maintenance, easy to replace and can be cleaned easily. It cannot get any better!