The BeachTech 2500 in Borkum

As one of the longest-standing BeachTech customers, the municipality of Borkum was of course also one of the first to use the BeachTech 2500

The BeachTech 2500 in Borkum

Read the interview with Gerd Fisser, GF), employee at the construction yard in Borkum and lead driver of the BeachTech 2500, in the following.  

Are there any special challenges at your location? 
GF: “We have damp sand here, a lot of shells and stones and also a great deal of uneven ground.” 

Do you receive feedback on the quality of your beach directly from your guests every now and then? 
GF: “Frequently! The guests are enthusiastic about our clean beach.” 

In the end, what was the decisive factor in your decision for the BeachTech? GF: “Its efficiency, but work simplification tipped the scales for us.” What made you decide to go with a BeachTech 2500? 
GF: “This beach cleaner’s technological innovations, in particular the new composite screening belt, won us over. Suggestions that we shared in the past had also been implemented in the new BeachTech 2500 development.” 

What is your experience with the new composite screening belt? 
GF: “We are highly satisfied with the screening performance of the composite screening belt!” 

How do you rate the BeachTech 2500 with regard to its ease of operation? 
GF: “The control elements of the BeachTech 2500 are very clearly arranged. You get used to them fast, and the elements are easy to operate.” 

What do you value in your collaboration with Kässbohrer? 
GF: “The employees make the difference. Thanks to their longtime experience, they will always find a solution. They are dedicated and highly competent!” 

How flexibly does Kässbohrer respond to current developments/problems? 
GF: “Thanks to the great customer service network, a fast response time is guaranteed. The technicians work with great flexibility and are oriented towards solutions.” 

Can you name an example of how a problem was able to be resolved as a result of the special dedication on the part of Kässbohrer?
GF: “With the first BeachTech 2800 that we received, we had problems after a short while with the waste container. Together with Kässbohrer we modified and improved the container bracket and reinforced the container. These modifications have already entered series production in the BeachTech 2800, and have now been taken into account in the BeachTech 2500 as well.”