#30 years BeachTech

30 Years of BeachTech

From an idea to a world market leader

30 Years of BeachTech

"A fantastic summer, an outstanding season, so they say both on the coast and in the mountains." This was a headline of the German weekly DIE ZEIT in 1991. Whether or not it was a coincidence, Kässbohrer, the manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, discovered a new field of application in that very year by heading from the mountains down onto the beach!

This was the beginning of a long series of innovations. Nowadays, multiple thousands of BeachTech beach cleaners roam the beaches of the entire world. The world market leader offers the widest range of solutions in the market and can thus provide a suitable BeachTech device for any requirement. Following the acquisition of Cherrington in 2017, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG expanded its product range once more. Customers can select between many sizes and various cleaning technologies. The portfolio includes self-propelled vehicles and trailing vehicles hitched to tractors and even small, hand-guided devices. In addition to operation on the beach, BeachTech devices are also used wherever sand or screenable soil have to be cleaned. This might include emergency operations after oil spills, the cleaning of riding facilities, water filtration retention ponds or soil processing on rolled turf farms and many other uses.

BeachTech has been around for 30 eventful years and has a history of dynamic growth, innovations and close customer contact. The challenge of our time is the increasing amount of plastic contaminating our seas and coasts. With our BeachTech beach cleaners, we are helping to clean the beaches of this world and make them usable again for tourism. This is our contribution to the protection of our environment. New models such as the BeachTech 2500 and its patented, innovative composite screening belt and the BeachTech 5500, a new self-propelled vehicle, are paving the way for the next thirty years. Further innovations are scheduled for 2021. Stay tuned for further excitement!

Our longtime success is the result of efforts made by the many people involved: customers, dealers, and employees all over the world. We would like to say Thank You to all of them – for their trust in BeachTech products and their dedication to them. Working together is the only path to success!