#30 years BeachTech

30 years of BeachTech

Where are we headed?

BeachTech 5500 beach cleaner

The self-propelled BeachTech 5500 is particularly agile thanks to its special 3-wheel design.

After launching the division in 1991 and developing a range of models offering the right beach cleaner for any requirement, we are turning our attention to "off-beach" applications for the next few years. Moreover, BeachTech will continue to make its contribution to beach cleaning after oil spills and contamination with paraffin and plastic waste.

These days, there are over a thousand of BeachTech beach cleaners at work on beaches around the world. BeachTech is currently setting the standards on the mechanical beach cleaning market. Throughout the world, the Kässbohrer name has become a byword for premium quality, customer service and speedy response. In addition to their main area of operation – the beach – the BeachTech machines are also in use in all other places where sand or screenable soil must be cleaned. This can occur when cleaning riding facilities, water filtration retention ponds or volleyball fields or when preparing soil for rolling out turf, on farms, for removing rocks and many other applications.

Our customers appreciate the advantages of mechanical beach cleaning. Efficient cleaning of large areas is an important selling point, not to mention cleaning quality. The extensive selection of many sizes and various cleaning techniques means that you can find the right machine for any application. 

New technologies for safe and clean beaches. 
Numerous innovations and ingenious details turn the BeachTech beach cleaners from Kässbohrer into reliable and efficient partners on and off the beach. The patented composite screening belt of the BeachTech 2500, for instance, is a key innovation that offers enhanced performance as well as an extended service life thanks to additional drive belts and traverse beams. The innovative design means that the screening belt is no longer subject to stretching and no longer has to be shortened anymore. The BeachTech 2500 has other features that make the job easier. For example, the axle design provides ample space for servicing. The linkage system also makes the waste container easier to empty and the remote control is great for easy operation.

The self-propelled BeachTech 5500, on the other hand, features a special 3-wheel design that gives it maximum agility and maneuverability. Paired with a large working width and the resulting high area coverage, this beach cleaner is unsurpassed in its efficiency. The cleaning technology of the BeachTech 5500 guides the sand over a vibrating screen by means of a conveyor system. Even the tiniest pieces of litter such as cigarette butts, broken glass or caps are reliably caught by the screen and collected in the waste container. The cleaned sand – whether wet or dry – is dumped back onto the beach. The screening unit is exceptionally low-maintenance. The self-propelled beach cleaner also offers countless benefits to its driver. The one-man cab is equipped with a state-of-the-art operating system. The joystick and the digital operating and control panel allow for convenient control. In addition, the beach cleaner has two work monitors camera systems for monitoring as well as numerous safety features.

The most recent model is the BeachTech 1500, which is perfect for both on-beach and off-beach use as a result of its outstandingly robust design, in particular its stable cleaning unit. Easily interchangeable screening belts available in various sizes allow for quick adaptation to an extremely wide variety of conditions. A further selling point is its convenient operation from the driver's seat using a digital operating and control panel. Their efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes these models the preferred choice for any applications involving difficult beaches or removal of rocks.

A clear focus on the future.
BeachTech has been around for 30 eventful years and has a history of dynamic growth, innovation and close customer contact. Are there any surprises left? Quite a few! We're heading into the next thirty years with new models such as the BeachTech 2500 and its innovative, patented composite screening belt, the BeachTech 5500 – a new self-propelled model – and the brand new BeachTech 1500. And we haven't reached the end... 

because the future begins now!