Mechanical weed removal

Application in agriculture: Preparation of seedbeds

A BeachTech 2500 removes stones, weeds and roots from a carrot field.

A BeachTech 2500 removes stones, weeds and roots from a carrot field.

Currently, several BeachTech beach cleaners are in use in the agricultural sector, where they clean the soil of interfering vegetation and thus allow for the reduction or elimination of herbicides. Such an approach is not only sustainable in the long term; but also increases crop yields!

The beach cleaning vehicles from Kässbohrer are not only out and about on beaches around the world, but beyond them they are also the first choice when it comes to cleaning sand surfaces and soils. The application areas are varied: whether it is the cleaning of sports fields, horse race tracks or horse arenas, water infiltration basins, or the preparation of seedbeds. 

Fewer weeds mean more yield.
As wild weeds, often flatsedge in particular, spread widely and thus compete with crops for nutrients, interfering growth was usually combated with sprays in the past before seeding.  For many years, the trend in the agricultural sector has been towards more organic cultivation and sustainability; the use of herbicides is also increasingly regulated. 

BeachTech gently prepares the soil for sowing in an optimal way.
In only one step, BeachTech removes the top layer of soil and thoroughly and effectively sifts out stones, weeds and roots, which are collected in the container. The cleaned soil falls back onto the subsoil and thus always remains on site. The sieved soil is loosened and aerated, ideally preparing it for sowing. 

Mechanical sifting of weeds prior to seeding reduces plant growth and allows for the reduction or eliminationof herbicides. For the soils, a mechanical cleaning is much more gentle and definitely an advantage in the long term!

Stonefree fields preserve the harvesters.
With the BeachTech vehicles, even the smallest stones are removed before seeding, which protects the harvesters later. The robust design and the stable cleaning unit of the BeachTech screening machines enable operations in soil cultivation – with little wear and thus low maintenance! For economical use even under the toughest conditions!