Back to the beach at last!

Worldwide, with the warmer weather, more and more countries are beginning to phase in the opening of various parts of their economies, and as you can imagine, going to the beach is high on list of activities that people to wish to resume

Back to the beach at last!

Our customers have begun beach cleaning operations as their guests expect a clean and safe beach. The main task of our beach cleaners is to remove all kinds of trash from the sand. Broken glass, cigarettes, plastic, algae, etc., the BeachTech cleans the beach thoroughly and effectively! 

In addition to the removal of trash from the sand, the BeachTech beach cleaners, with our true sifting ability, has another positive benefit: The natural disinfection of sand by the sun’s UV rays. Micro-organisms, such as bacteria, can be killed by UV radiation fast – without chemicals!  Ultraviolet radiation is used to treat water, air and other various surfaces. Microbes are deactivated quickly, if the dose is sufficient. In addition to microbial disinfection, UV radiation is also used to deactivate viruses. This is a well-known and natural method, which has also been used for cleaning surfaces in hospitals, as well as for the treatment of drinking water. 

A 2-year study by the City of Racine Public Health Department, Wisconsin, USA, demonstrated that the use of beach cleaning equipment reduces the burden of E.coli bacteria in beach sands. In the study, Kinzelman et al. demonstrated that deep mechanical beach cleaning significantly reduced E. coli content in visibly moist or wet beach sands. The act of turning over and aeration of the sand resulted in more rapid drying and at the same time allowed for deeper ultra-violet (UV) light penetration by the sun. 

Multiple studies have shown that the UV rays of the sun promote more rapid die off of microorganisms accumulated on beach sands. A well-known beach on the Jersey shore provided further evidence of this effect as its beach was often closed due to the public health concerns of E. coli contamination. The municipality began cleaning their beach with a BeachTech sifting machine, and the following year, due to the regular sifting and cleaning, the beach did not have to close at all, for the entire beach season! Most effective technology on the market. 

Beach cleaning is always about a clean, trash free, sanitized and safe beach for the public to enjoy. 

BeachTech's unmatched, patented, cleaning system contributes to the natural disinfection of beaches by penetrating the sand up to 10 inches deep, removing debris from the sand, while tilling and turning over the sand surface, allowing the sun’s UV rays to reduce and kill the harmful bacteria!  The only way to truly sift the sand is to actually penetrate the entire sand surface, pulling all the sand from under the surface, where the sun does not reach, up to the surface, so the sun’s UV rays can kill the bacteria in the sand. From there, the entire sand surface is placed on BeachTech’s vibrating screen, which removes the trash from the sand.  Finally, the clean sand falls through the screen, back to the beach, safe for the public to enjoy. 

More information about the unique, patented raking, mixing and screening technology of the BeachTech beach cleaners can be found HERE. Stay healthy, act responsibly and let’s move forward together, energetically and with confidence. Because the future always starts today!