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Using BeachTech screening machines to remove seaweed

BeachTech 2500 being used to remove seaweed in Eckernförde, Germany

Laupheim, Germany, 2024-07-11. –  Seaweed is a critical component of marine ecosystems that offers a habitat and food for a wide variety of marine species. All the same, excessive growth of seaweed and algae in coastal regions can lead to substantial problems by limiting access to the water and harming the water quality. Stinking carpets of algae attract sand fleas and offer ideal conditions for growth of bacteria. Beaches polluted by seaweed look unsanitary, damage flora and fauna, and scare off tourists. BeachTech beach cleaners are the effective solution for eliminating seaweed.

Precise with low ground pressure
BeachTech puts its many years of expertise to use developing innovative beach cleaning machines for multiple applications, including tackling the challenges of removing seaweed. The screening technologies specifically used by BeachTech enable precision removal of seaweed and small parts.

The low-pressure tires of the screening machines provide for optimum weight distribution and a low ground pressure. The BeachTech cleaning systems can be customized to the basic conditions found at a particular beach. In the extensive range of products from BeachTech, customers find the ideal equipment for areas of any dimensions: Small and compact models such as the BeachTech 1000 ensure optimal maneuverability even in tight spaces. Larger models such as the BeachTech 3000 enable you to clean large areas quickly, thanks to its area coverage of up to 3 hectares per hour.

Future-oriented and sustainable solutions for beach cleaning
"At BeachTech, our primary focus is on developing innovative solutions that are not only effective, but also take into account the environmental aspects," says Matthias Pfitzer, Area Sales Manager at BeachTech. He adds, "Our beach cleaning machines are the result of many years of experience and development in this field as well as of constant dedication to innovation and sustainability. Our goal is to do our part to preserve the function and beauty of our coasts."

About BeachTech
BeachTech is a product of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. As a leading provider of screening machines, BeachTech is used worldwide for cleaning beaches and sand surfaces, as well as for preparing agricultural areas. Over 30 years of experience, high availability of spare parts and an international service and dealer network are distinguishing characteristics of BeachTech.

Learn more about using BeachTech screening machines for removing seaweed at our website: https://www.beach-tech.com/en/fields-of-application/seaweed

During the beach cleaning process, seaweed, algae and sea balls are conveyed directly into the large waste container.