Easier sowing, greater yield

Using BeachTech screening machines for soil preparation

Der BeachTech 2000 im Einsatz in Frankreich

The BeachTech 2000 at work in France.

Laupheim, Germany, 2024-02-12. – A high-yield and high-quality crop begins even before the sowing. If plant remains and roots are reliably removed, the following crop can grow and be healthy. Screening machines are the means of choice here. They rid the soil of unwanted remnants and ensure that the area is ready for the next planting within a short time.

Removing crop remnants, roots and stones
Crop remnants, such as the remains of the previous crop or roots, impede the sowing process and provide a breeding ground for pests and unwanted vegetation. If you want to increase both the quality of your crop and the amount of yield, you are well-advised to rid your soil of unwanted crop remnants before sowing. BeachTech screening machines remove roots, plant remains and fallen products from the top layer of soil. The screening machine picks up the soil and feeds it to a vibrating or rotating screening unit. Unwanted elements are screened out and transported into a waste container. The cleaned soil drops back through the screen to the ground.

Gentle on the soil and efficient
The screening machines from BeachTech protect the soil structure and the microorganisms within it, since they operate less invasively than other machines. The low-pressure tires provide for optimum weight distribution and a low ground pressure. In the diversified BeachTech product portfolio, users will find the right equipment for areas of any size. Compact models such as the BeachTech 1000 offer the necessary maneuverability for narrow sections. Larger models such as the BeachTech 3000, which has an area coverage of up to 3 hectares per hour, ensure that even large areas are prepared for sowing within a very short time.

Tested in practice
Charles Janin manages a market garden with a total of 300 hectares near Nantes, France. On 200 hectares of open land area and 100 hectares of greenhouse area, he has been using BeachTech screening machines for some time now to prepare the soil for sowing lamb's lettuce, radishes, green onions and carrots. "After the harvest in the morning, we use BeachTech to remove any remnants of radishes and lettuce that same afternoon. Then the ground is so clean that we can begin sowing the next crop the very next day." The French farmer is also delighted with how the screening machines handle: "BeachTech is a simple, rugged and very manageable machine. Its maneuverability is helpful to us especially in the greenhouses. I would recommend BeachTech to anyone who works in market gardening!"

About BeachTech
BeachTech is a product of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. As a leading provider of screening machines, BeachTech is used worldwide for preparing agricultural areas and for cleaning beaches and sand surfaces. Over 30 years of experience, high availability of spare parts and an international service and dealer network are distinguishing characteristics of BeachTech.

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