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Beach cleaning machines


Large beaches

Above all, efficiency is important when cleaning large beaches. An appropriate working width, high screening performance and high loading volume guarantee the cost-effectiveness of beach cleaners. [ more ]

Medium beaches

In terms of economy the BeachTech 2000 and the BeachTech Marina as well are first class: with a large working width, but compact and light, they drastically reduce the tractor’s fuel consumption. [ more ]

Hotel & Lake beaches

Multifunctional and agile: The Cherrington 440XL, BeachTech Marina and BeachTech Sweepy are ideal for use on lakes and hotel beaches. [ more ]

Beach Cleanup after an oil spill

Using BeachTech beach cleaners, the oily layer can be separated from the un-contaminated sand. Thanks to the proven screening technology and extremely fine screening belts, the majority of the sand can be saved. [ more ]

Arena Screener Horse arena maintenance

BeachTech beach cleaner are also well suited for horse arena footing and maintaining paddocks or race tracks due to their special cleaning technology. Stones and gravel can be reliably removed without losing a lot of... [ more ]

Sand cleaners Water filtration basin

The surface of the large sand filtration areas must be cleaned removing plants and algae regularly. In con-trast to conventional procedures, use of BeachTech beach cleaners means nothing is removed over the years. [ more ]


Clean beaches

18 September 2020
Small pieces of paraffin sometimes drift ashore. They are most often small and either yellow or white. This happens again and again and has ramifications... [ more ]


1 September 2020
On September 1, eleven trainees started their careers at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in Laupheim. [ more ]

First Cherrington 440 XL in Switzerland

7 July 2020
There are numerous lakes that offer a sandy beach. On one of them there is now a Cherrington 440 XL at work cleaning the beach for the enjoyment of those... [ more ]

The new training center

1 July 2020
Vocational training has always been a priority at Kässbohrer. For the trainees, this effort is now culminating in their new, state-of-the-art training... [ more ]

Back to the beach at last!

8 June 2020
Natural disinfesction by UV-rays.... Worldwide, with the warmer weather, more and more countries are beginning to phase in the opening of various parts of... [ more ]


15 May 2020
First class looks and technology. With a BeachTech beach cleaner, you can be certain that it will reliably deliver what you demand of it year after year,... [ more ]


8 May 2020
Self-generated power. At the end of April 2020, the new photovoltaic system of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in Laupheim was connected to the electrical... [ more ]

Back on the line!

5 May 2020
We are all back and working at full speed to master the current situation! [ more ]

spare parts

21 April 2020
A reliable partner by your side. Municipalities, contractors and hoteliers from all over the world rely on the technology and the service of BeachTech. [ more ]

Rental offer

26 February 2020
Rent a BeachTech 2000 for 3/4/5/6 months and benefit from special service features. [ more ]

League Symposium

25 February 2020
BeachTech recently demonstrated their self-propelled, CBC 3000—Power Screener at The League Symposium in Asheville, NC. [ more ]

The BeachTech 2500 in Borkum

13 January 2020
As one of the longest-standing BeachTech customers, the municipality of Borkum was of course also one of the first to use the BeachTech 2500. [ more ]

Arrivederci and Ciao!

19 December 2019
An old hand leaves. An old friend comes. [ more ]

Merry Christmas!

18 December 2019
We wish you a Merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and a Happy New Year 2020! [ more ]

BeachTech 5500 - At your beach soon!

10 December 2019
The BeachTech 5500 is the newest self-propelled beach cleaner from Kässbohrer. [ more ]

Kässbohrer Magazine

3 December 2019
The new Kässbohrer magazine has arrived! [ more ]

Natural Disinfection

Beach cleaning is always about a clean, trash free, sanitized and safe beach for the public to enjoy. BeachTech makes an important contribution to the prevention of diseases.

Patented technology

Efficient and safe: The cleaning technology of our beach cleaning machines cleans the sand particularly thoroughly.

In focus

customer magazine

If you do not know our customer magazine yet, that can be easily changed. Click here to register! [ more ]


Enjoy the product range of Kässbohrer Geländefahr-zeug AG drafted in sand. The video show includes our brands PistenBully, SNOWsat, BeachTech, PowerBully. [ more ]



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