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Happy kids – relaxed parents

14 July 2014

A family beach vacation stands for playing never ending ball games, digging holes for building sand castles and going for long walks into the sunset – but above all, carefree hours with the loved ones.

But many times, this idyllic scene gets clouded by injuries caused by dangerous debris that is hidden under the surface of the sand. Cuts inflicted by shells or broken glass, skin irritations and allergic reactions due to washed up waste, are not exceptions any longer. Even disposable syringes are found in much frequented beach areas.

Many tourists are not any longer willing to take such risks. After all, the technology that's needed, is at hand - and particularly in the social media, demands are made that it is used as well! People spend a lot of money for their summer holidays and their expectations have never been higher to find international standards at their holiday destinations and also in the quality of the beaches.

BeachTech takes every effort to get the beaches clean. BeachTech machines are usually operated at night to prepare the beaches for the next morning. The cleaning process is environment friendly and efficient for any kind of sand beach. The demands for ecologically and economically high standards are secured by the trendsetting technology. Beach cleaning with BeachTech is an investment that pays: the result is a soft and inviting beach where the tourists are safe to walk and play in the sand and enjoy a stressless vacation. Only happy tourists come back!

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