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Sultanate of Oman

10 March 2014

The Municipality of Muscat expands its fleet of beach cleaners by two more BeachTech machines. For more than 10 years, the municipality has been cleaning the approximately 60 kilometers of beaches of Muscat and surroundings with two BeachTech Marina machines. Now two additional BeachTech 2800 machines are being operated for a regular beach cleaning around the capital. The hand-over of the machines with an intensive training for the drivers was carried out right on the beach by an expert of the Kässbohrer company.

The Sultanate of Oman is located in the South East of the Arabian Peninsula. The 1700 kilometers of coastline reach from Sohar in the North to the endless shores of Dhofar, the country of incense, in the South: it is a colorful rhythm of white beaches and steep cliffs. Oman is not just yet a typical bathing country for tourists but they already enjoy their vacations in hotels by the ocean. Also with the natives, the beach as a meeting place, for some jogging or to play soccer, has become increasingly popular. Here is where the orient and fun at the seaside has combined to a mixture which is unique in the Arab world: relaxing in luxury resorts, shopping in the souk and sports on the beach.

The country is bordered by three different oceans: the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea - all of these are parts of the Indian Ocean. That's why the beach conditions there are similar to the ones in Europe along the Atlantic coast: big differences between low tide and high tide keep the wide beach very wet and hard most of the time. These are typical beaches for a surface cleaning with the BeachTech raking technique.

After an intensive training on the new tractor-towed BeachTech 2800 machines: the crew of the Muscat Municipality together with representatives of our dealer Arabian Engineering Services.
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