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BeachTech Marina

The multitalent

Tractor and trailer in one
The self-propelled BeachTech Marina sets standards when it comes to agility, manoeuvrability and quietness. Thanks to articulated front-wheel drive and connectible active rear-wheel drive, it has a sensationally small turning circle. With a powerful turbo diesel engine, hydrostatic all-wheel drive and low-pressure tyres, nothing gets in the way of the BeachTech Marina. As the BeachTech Marina can be registered for road travel, you can use it anywhere you like. So much flexibility means the highest cost-effectiveness.




Overall length 5,785 mm /
Width 1,770 mm /
Height 2,340 mm /
Working width 1,400 mm /


Net weight 2,775 kg /
Payload 725 kg /
Gross weight limit 3,500 kg /

Performance data

max. cleaning performance 15,000 m²/h /
Road legal yes
Working depth up to 20 cm / cm


Number of cylinders 4
Torque 120 Nm/ 2,000 rpm
Displacement 1,498 cm³
Type Kubota, turbo diesel
Power 33.0 kW (45 hp)


Front hitch with 3-point mounting (Cat. II required): mowing unit, scraper, blade, road sweeper

Small turning circle

Small turning circle - big impact
The special feature of the BeachTech Marina is that it can handle every curve and every corner. Our innovative vehicle concept: Articulated front-wheel drive and connectible active rear-wheel drive. This reduces the turning circle during cleaning to an inner radius of just 1.85 m. Thus, the Marina can even clean in tight spaces around sun loungers.

Road approval
Beach hopping is no problem for the BeachTech Marina. Thanks to road approval potential, it can travel from one beach to another - flexible use for the greatest cost-effectiveness.

Customised cockpit
The ergonomically designed cockpit and the joystick make it easy to control. Large electrically operated mirrors ensure excellent all-round visibility. The comfortable two-seater driver's cab is available with folding roof or air conditioning.

At a glance

1-man operation Easy to handle

All vehicle functions are controlled directly from the cab.

Safety features extensive equipment

Equipped with many safety features (acoustic warning alarms in the event of incorrect operations, reversing alarm, electrically operated exterior mirrors for optimum visibility, warning beacons and seatbelts).

Working width Coverage

Working width of 1.40 m for coverage of up to 15,000 m²/h.

Under the hood Easy access

Tank, radiator and control block are quick and easy to access for all inspection and service work.

Collecting tank loading volume

The compact collecting tank has a loading volume of 0.5 m³.

FINISHER Hydraulically adjustable

The finisher reliably follows the cleaned track even around curves when rear-wheel drive is activated.


You'll find more information here.


BeachTech Marina
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The following new vehicles are for sale. If you are interested, please address your contact person or use our contact form. All prices are understood to be net, FCA Laupheim (Incoterms 2010) and do not include the statutory value-added tax in force.

Vehicle list


  1. BeachTech Marina | chassis number             -           WKU2803HBKL010213              113.080 €
  2. BeachTech Marina | chassis number             -           WKU2803HBKL010214              111.630 €
  3. BeachTech Marina | chassis number             -           WKU2803HBKL010215              105.000 €
  4. BeachTech Marina | chassis number             -           WKU2803HBKL010216              105.000 €



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