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Sweepy hydro

With hydrostatic drive

The BeachTech Sweepy hydro beach cleaner is the efficient, low-cost supplement to our larger beach cleaners, the BeachTech 3000, BeachTech 2500, BeachTech 2000 and the self-propelled BeachTech Marina. The hydrostatic drive makes the BeachTech Sweepy hydro especially easy to operate. This walk-behind machine completes our product range in the sector of small machines with the possibility of performing sand cleaning operations beyond the beach.

Highly productive.
The extremely robust tractor unit was designed for long term professional and heavy duty operation on large areas with maximum performance and optimal ease of use. Deep cleaning in dry sand, as well as swift cleaning in wet sand, are both possible due to the new shaking/screening system - now a side-by-side double screen - which minimizes the impact of the vibrations on the machine frame. Even on very soft sand, a reliable operation is granted thanks to the deep-set centre of gravity and the high stability of the beach cleaning machine. The collecting container has a 44 litre capacity and can be emptied easily.

Versatility guaranteed.
We have engineered this mini beach cleaner into a multifunctional beach cleaning machine: in a matter of minutes, with the BeachTech Sweepy's modular quick change system, you can turn this unit into a lawn mower, a snow blower, a rotary tiller or a sweeper to work in additional non-beach applications. Its small size and outstanding manoeuvrability make the BeachTech Sweepy hydro perfect for cleaning and levelling small beaches, children's sand boxes, beach volleyball courts and other sand areas. These various applications make the BeachTech Sweepy hydro an extremely valuable and profitable machine.

The BeachTech Sweepy hydro beach cleaner is easy to operate and extremely manoeuvrable, allowing the user to clean below sun shades and between beach chairs!




Overall length 2,650 mm /
Width 1,195 mm /
Working width 1,050 mm / max.
Height of vehicle (adjustable) from approx. 1,000 to 1,600 mm / 1,600
Collecting container capacity 44 l, extricable
Overall container volume 80 l

Performance data

max. cleaning performance 4,200 m²/h /


Number of cylinders 4
Type 4-stroke gasoline engine
Power 6.7 kW (9.1 hp)


infinitely adjustable (forward and reverse)

Steering / control



entirely hydrostatic

Cleaning equipment

quick-change system; exchangeable double screens with 2 different mesh sizes

Corrosion protection

aluminium, fiberglass, cathodic coating of steel parts

Modular quick-change system

for swift installation of the various add-on equipment


You'll find more information.


BeachTech Sweepy Hydro
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