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BeachTech 2000

Compact and agile

The compact BeachTech 2000 is designed for medium-sized beaches. With a working width of 1.85 m it covers up to 22,000 m2/h. The agile beach cleaner can also handle tight access roads and narrow sections of beach. Another plus: like all BeachTech models it can be approved for road travel.

The quiet, fully hydraulic drive with cooling system moves the pick-up roller and a long screening belt. Three eccentric shafts create a vibration process, which sifts out even the finest particles of dirt. Finally, the waste is moved along the screening belt into the collecting tank. The unloading height of 2.60 m means the waste can be tipped directly onto a truck or into a trailer.




Overall length 5,430 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,100 mm
Working width 1,850 mm


Net weight 1,800 kg / 3,960 lbs
Payload 1,000 kg / 2,200 lbs
Gross weight limit 2,800 kg / 6,160 lbs

Performance data

max. cleaning performance 22,200 m²/h / 5.1 acres/h
Power take-off shaft speed standard 540 rpm
Power take-off shaft speed alternatively 1,000 rpm
Top speed 12 km/h / approx. 10 mph
Working depth up to 30 cm

At a glance

Working width Coverage

Working width of 1.85 m for coverage of up to 22,000 m²/h.

Spline-mounted pump

The spline-mounted pump enables the BeachTech 2000 to handle even tighter curves.

Tension roller

Tensioning of the screening belt prevents a loss in performance.

Under the hood Easy Access

Tank, radiator and control block are quick and easy to access for all inspection and service work.

Collecting tank Unloading height

The collecting tank has a loading volume of 1.5 m³. Unloading height of 2.60 m (in DIN containers or directly onto a truck).

Finisher For a great look

To structure, aerate and then compress the sand.


You'll find more information here.


BeachTech 2000
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