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Clean beaches


Large beaches

Above all, efficiency is important when cleaning large beaches. An appropriate working width, high screening performance and high loading volume guarantee the cost-effectiveness of beach cleaners. [ more ]

Medium beaches

In terms of economy the BeachTech 2000 and the BeachTech Marina as well are first class: with a large working width, but compact and light, they drastically reduce the tractor’s fuel consumption. [ more ]

Hotel & Lake beaches

Multifunctional and agile: The Cherrington 440XL, BeachTech Marina and BeachTech Sweepy are ideal for use on lakes and hotel beaches. [ more ]

Oil spill

The oily layer can be separated from the un-contaminated sand using the proven screening technology and extremely fine screening belts. The majority of the sand can be saved thanks to the patented technology. [ more ]

Horse arenas

The BeachTech is also well suited to maintaining paddocks and race tracks due to its special cleaning technology. Stones and gravel can be reliably removed without losing a lot of sand into the bargain. [ more ]

Water filtration basin

The surface of the large sand filtration areas must be cleaned removing plants and algae regularly. In con-trast to conventional procedures, use of BeachTech technology means nothing is removed over the years. [ more ]


First Cherrington 440 XL in Switzerland

7 July 2020
There are numerous lakes that offer a sandy beach. On one of them there is now a Cherrington 440 XL at work cleaning the beach for the enjoyment of those... [ more ]

The new training center

1 July 2020
Vocational training has always been a priority at Kässbohrer. For the trainees, this effort is now culminating in their new, state-of-the-art training... [ more ]

Back to the beach at last!

8 June 2020
Natural disinfesction by UV-rays.... Worldwide, with the warmer weather, more and more countries are beginning to phase in the opening of various parts of... [ more ]


15 May 2020
First class looks and technology. With a BeachTech beach cleaner, you can be certain that it will reliably deliver what you demand of it year after year,... [ more ]


8 May 2020
Self-generated power. At the end of April 2020, the new photovoltaic system of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in Laupheim was connected to the electrical... [ more ]

Back on the line!

5 May 2020
We are all back and working at full speed to master the current situation! [ more ]

spare parts

21 April 2020
A reliable partner by your side. Municipalities, contractors and hoteliers from all over the world rely on the technology and the service of BeachTech. [ more ]

Rental offer

26 February 2020
Rent a BeachTech 2000 for 3/4/5/6 months and benefit from special service features. [ more ]

League Symposium

25 February 2020
BeachTech recently demonstrated their self-propelled, CBC 3000—Power Screener at The League Symposium in Asheville, NC. [ more ]

The BeachTech 2500 in Borkum

13 January 2020
As one of the longest-standing BeachTech customers, the municipality of Borkum was of course also one of the first to use the BeachTech 2500. [ more ]

Arrivederci and Ciao!

19 December 2019
An old hand leaves. An old friend comes. [ more ]

Merry Christmas!

18 December 2019
We wish you a Merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and a Happy New Year 2020! [ more ]

BeachTech 5500 - At your beach soon!

10 December 2019
The BeachTech 5500 is the newest self-propelled beach cleaner from Kässbohrer. [ more ]

Kässbohrer Magazine

3 December 2019
The new Kässbohrer magazine has arrived! [ more ]

Spare Parts online store

2 December 2019
The new spare parts online store from Kässbohrer has gone live! [ more ]

Groundbreaking: New PistenBully headquarters...

18 November 2019
Kässbohrer Italia GmbH celebrates the ground-breaking ceremony for its new headquarters in Bolzano. [ more ]

Natural Disinfection

Beach cleaning is always about a clean, trash free, sanitized and safe beach for the public to enjoy. BeachTech makes an important contribution to the prevention of diseases.

Special Sales

Bye-Bye Bonus

BeachTech pays up to € 2,000 for your used beach cleaner in addition to the actual value as soon as you purchase a new BeachTech model. Get in touch with your BeachTech dealer or BeachTech service partner! [ more ]

Cherrington Special Sale

Take the opportunity and get a special discount on selected Cherrington models now! For more information, please contact your BeachTech service partner or BeachTech dealer. [ more ]

Patented Technology

In focus

customer magazine

If you do not know our customer magazine yet, that can be easily changed. Click here to register! [ more ]


Enjoy the product range of Kässbohrer Geländefahr-zeug AG drafted in sand. The video show includes our brands PistenBully, SNOWsat, BeachTech, PowerBully. [ more ]



Remo Bulgheroni

Managing Director Kässbohrer Schweiz AG
Telephone: +41 41 874 85 00
Kässbohrer Schweiz AG
Werkmatt 1
6460 Altdorf


Donat Item

Leiter Service
Telephone: +41 41 874 85 51
Cellular phone: +41 79 386 29 27
Kässbohrer Schweiz AG
Servicestelle Chur
Ringstraße 9
7007 Chur

Spare Parts

Oliver Zak

Telephone: +49 7392 900 - 133
Fax: +49 7392 900 - 130
Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG
Kässbohrerstraße 11
88471 Laupheim


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