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Clean beaches


Large beaches

Above all, efficiency is important when cleaning large beaches. An appropriate working width, high screening performance and high loading volume guarantee the cost-effectiveness of beach cleaners. [ more ]

Medium beaches

In terms of economy the BeachTech 2000 and the BeachTech Marina as well are first class: with a large working width, but compact and light, they drastically reduce the tractor’s fuel consumption. [ more ]

Hotel & Lake beaches

Multifunctional and agile: The Cherrington 440XL, BeachTech Marina and BeachTech Sweepy are ideal for use on lakes and hotel beaches. [ more ]

Oil spill

The oily layer can be separated from the un-contaminated sand using the proven screening technology and extremely fine screening belts. The majority of the sand can be saved thanks to the patented technology. [ more ]

Horse arenas

The BeachTech is also well suited to maintaining paddocks and race tracks due to its special cleaning technology. Stones and gravel can be reliably removed without losing a lot of sand into the bargain. [ more ]

Water filtration basin

The surface of the large sand filtration areas must be cleaned removing plants and algae regularly. In con-trast to conventional procedures, use of BeachTech technology means nothing is removed over the years. [ more ]


More than a spare part

1 April 2019
... a promise! [ more ]

New: BeachTech 2500

15 March 2019
The new generation: The first BeachTech 2500 roll off the assembly line. [ more ]

Great anniversary

30 January 2019
2019 is a very special year for Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug: The PistenBully is turning 50! [ more ]

Merry X-Mas

19 December 2018
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with thanks for your faithful cooperation. [ more ]

Looking back on a successful season

30 November 2018
The season in Europe is coming to an end. One thing that has to be particu-larly highlighted is the successful in-tegration of the Cherrington beach... [ more ]

Double ground-breaking ceremony at...

29 November 2018
Two large building projects under way: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has kicked off two new building projects at once. [ more ]

EcoPlayas in Alcudia (Mallorca), Spain

24 October 2018
From Nov 7-9, 2018, BeachTech, together with the Spanish dealer Casli S.A., will be presenting a world debut at the 20th EcoPlayas. [ more ]


1 October 2018
BeachTech fights against the Red Tide in Florida. Currently, it stretches over 130 miles along the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico and extends about 10... [ more ]

New trainees

14 September 2018
On September 1, seven trainees started their careers at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in Laupheim. [ more ]

Maskiner under Broen

16 August 2018
The machinery trade fair “Maskiner under Broen” is being held on 22nd and 23rd August 2018 in Denmark. Our new Danish dealer is presenting the Cherrington... [ more ]

Knowhow in technology and support

22 June 2018
The product ranges of BeachTech and Cherrington have been analyzed. The result is one portfolio from the best models of both brands. [ more ]

Special operations

14 May 2018
The mobile screening solutions from Cherrington offer a successful solution to any type of soil tilling - also off the beaches! [ more ]

StrandGut campaign

16 April 2018
Following the great success last year, Flensburger Brauerei’s StrandGut campaign is now going into the second round. [ more ]

Breaking new ground

22 March 2018
the acquisition of a supplier in the framework of an asset deal effects parts insourcing in a classic reverse integration. [ more ]

Together strong

19 February 2018
Last spring Kässbohrer Geländefahr-zeug AG took over the number 2 in the American beach cleaning market, Cherrington Inc. [ more ]

Alternative use

22 January 2018
Ground preparation for ready-to-use lawns production with BeachTech [ more ]

Patented Technology

Cherrington Inc.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG will be expanding their BeachTech division product range as they officially announce the acquisition of United States based Cherrington Beach Cleaners.

In focus

customer magazine

If you do not know our customer magazine yet, that can be easily changed. Click here to register! [ more ]


Enjoy the product range of Kässbohrer Geländefahr-zeug AG drafted in sand. The video show includes our brands PistenBully, SNOWsat, BeachTech, PowerBully. [ more ]



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Kässbohrer Schweiz AG
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