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BeachTech 3000

Beach cleaning for large beaches
This tractor towed cleaner offers high production coverage of expansive beaches while maintaining the fine screening and sand sifting needed for beach cleaning. [ more ]

BeachTech 2500

Numerous innovations
The patented, innovative composite screening belt is not subject to elongation and therefore does not have to be shortened anymore. Other features of the BeachTech 2500 make the work easier: the axle construction... [ more ]

BeachTech 2000

Collect litter with this compact, rugged cleaner
The agile BeachTech 2000 beach cleaner can handle tight access roads and narrow sections of beach. Efficient sand sifting and screening in both wet and dry sand. [ more ]

Cherrington 5500

Self-propelled beach cleaner
The Cherrington 5500 with its 3-wheel design has a zero degree turn radius for high maneuverability. The lift and screen beach cleaning system thoroughly screens the beach of all debris. [ more ]

Cherrington 3000

The compact self-propelled beach cleaner
The Cherrington 3000 with its 3-wheel design has a zero degree turn radius for high maneuverability. Just like the 5500 the lift and screen beach cleaning system of the 3000 thoroughly screens the beach of all debris. [ more ]

Cherrington 440 XL

Efficient and economical
The 440 XL is an efficient and cost-effective option for power screening in a variety of applications, from cleaning beaches and maintaining sand areas for diverse sports and horse tracks to seedbed pre-paration. [ more ]

BeachTech Marina

Self propelled beach cleaner
Air conditioned, comfort cabin with steering wheel. Articulated with rear wheel steering the Marina beach cleaning machine has a small turning circle. High efficiency sifting performance is standard. [ more ]

BeachTech Sweepy

With mechanical drive
The BeachTech Sweepy cleaner is the efficient, low-cost supplement to our larger beach cleaners, the BeachTech 3000, BeachTech 2800, BeachTech 2000 and the self-propelled BeachTech Marina. [ more ]

BeachTech Sweepy hydro

With hydrostatic drive
This walk behind beach cleaner is ideal for cleaning and leveling small beaches, volleyball courts and other sandy areas. The hydrostatic drive makes it easy to operate and provides optimum maneuverability. [ more ]



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