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Ocean City, Maryland, USA

27 May 2014

After due consideration and intensive tests, the vacation destination of Ocean City, Maryland, decided for a BeachTech machine to keep its huge beaches clean.

The Town of Ocean City, MD, is located at the East coast of the state, at the Southern tip of a 16 km long island, which separates the mainland from the Atlantic Ocean. The island and city are one of the biggest attractions in the region and attract numerous visitors all year round with their impressively large beaches, touristic charms and an abundance of restaurants, leisure parks and events. Naturally, Ocean City and the fantastic beaches that cover the whole length of the island, offer all kinds of water sports activities as well.

The high number of tourists makes a lot of regular efforts regarding the upkeep of the beach necessary, hence the need to purchase a new beach cleaning machine. Mr. Fred Wimbrow, the Beach Supervisor, Mr. Thomas Dy, the Public Works Maintenance Manager, and Mr. John VanFossen, the Deputy Director of Public Works of Ocean City looked carefully at all beach cleaning options, selected the ones they felt may be beneficial for their needs and used the summer to test and make sure they had done all the right research to make the best decision. "We have got extreme conditions for beach cleaning machines here. That's why we did not take this decision lightly. After extensive demos over the 2013 summer, the BeachTech was chosen to be the newest beach cleaning machine in the town's fleet. The ability to pick up the small debris, down to broken glass and cigarette butts, without removing sand, is a real focus for us and we felt that the BeachTech 2800 did the best job", say's Fred Wimbrow.

His colleague John Van Fossen says: "We have purchased a powerful tractor suitable for this beach cleaner, and with this combination we got the perfect tools to keep our beaches in good shape. The machines are operated every night in order to make sure that the beaches are perfectly groomed before each of the many events as well as thoroughly cleaned afterwards."

The beach crew of Ocean City in front of their new BeachTech 2800 in the typical Ocean City look.
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