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Sargassum – seaweed – BeachTech!

9 October 2015

Tourists heading for the Caribbean are usually looking forward to dazzling turquoise waters and never ending white beaches. In the past weeks, however, reality was much to the contrary: stinking masses of algae that attracted sand fleas and made going into the water a quite adventurous task.

On the beaches around the world, seaweed is a recurring problem. We at BeachTech offer quick assistance for such invasions of algae. Many years of experience with sea grass and algae makes BeachTech an important tool when it comes to removing algae. For decades, we at BeachTech, together in association with many of our customers, have been studying this topic. Our different models of BeachTech machines can be part of the solution to get the beaches clean again as quickly as possible so that the tourists can once again enjoy their most beautiful days of the year.

Tried and tested, in Northern Europa as well as on the beaches of Spain and the USA!