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Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is entering an important cooperation with leading companies in their business segments with a focus on the future. The objective of the co-operation partners Geocloud AG / Schlieren, Weisse Arena Bergbahnen AG / Laax, Grünenfelder and Partner AG / Domat/Ems is to develop a product, SNOWsat Analytics, that, in simple terms, manages the information and data flow at the ski resorts and thereby delivers a true competitive advantage.
Effective April 01, 2018 Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG assumes control of the activities of KK Composites GmbH, headquartered in Micheldorf, Austria. The company has specialized in fiber composites since 1982. With this acquisition of a supplier which effects parts insourcing in a classic reverse integration Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is pursuing its strategy of reducing its dependence on external suppliers. Production depth is currently running at about 10 % and the aim is to improve this figure.


Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is expanding the BeachTech division as they officially announce the acquisition of United States based Cherrington Beach Cleaners.


With the PRO ACADEMY Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has developed a manufacturer-independent training concept for economical and eco-friendly snow management.


The U. S. subsidiary of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug purchases Soft Track Supply, Inc., the well known maker of tracked utility vehicles located in Cartersville, Georgia.
20.000 PistenBully - Good grounds for celebration!


BeachTech beach cleaning celebrates 20th anniversary!

The invention of BeachTech beach cleaning machines lead to the foundation of a small but distinctive product division within the Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, which in the past 20 years has come out as the world-wide number 1 on the market of mechanical beach cleaning.

Beginning of the nineties, experienced and imaginative design engineers developed a beach cleaning machine with a novel cleaning concept which could adapt to the prevailing sand and waste situations on various kinds of beaches: the patented system of raking, screening and the combination of both. After comprehensive tests and modifications, the first machines could already be sold in 1991. The innovative cleaning principle set new standards in this until then rather regional market where mostly farming equipment had been used.

Always one step ahead.
With continuous technical innovations and new models, BeachTech became the indicator for the whole branch in the years to follow. BeachTech now offers 5 different models. This range of machines fulfils all the requirements of the customers in terms of beach size and beach conditions as well as their financial and technical possibilities. In just a few years the sales numbers increased considerably. In 1999, BeachTech beach cleaning machines were in operation in 35 countries, providing the grounds for easy-going holidays. And since that time they have been the number 1 in beach cleaning, with a global market share of more than 50%.

Exotic applications.
Nowadays BeachTech beach cleaning machines are being used in more than 70 countries. From Ireland to India, from South Korea to South Africa, from Norway to New Zealand, from the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America - all over the world BeachTech machines conjure clean beaches over night. Some BeachTech machines, however, are additionally used away from the beach, i. e. for cleaning sand filter basins of water treatment works or preparing fields for the next sowing.

Effective against oil.
Four large-scale oil spills in the past years have made BeachTech an involuntary expert in this field as well. With some minor adjustments to our machines, BeachTech now offers the best concept to take soft blobs of oil as well as hard tar balls out of the sand without having to remove half the beach as had to be done before.

Well prepared.
From the first trial runs in Italy, BeachTech has made it to being market leader and catalyst of innovations. With our well-rounded product range and a worldwide sales and service structure which is unique in this branch, we have built a good basis for the future. We aim to offer our customers sustainable and affordable products and a good service to respond to their needs. For lasting success in the years to come.



31 BeachTech 3000, 2800 and 2000 are used in the "Beach Cleaning Task Forces" for the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

They move from beach to beach as soon as new oil lands on a section of coast.
In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the BeachTech beach cleaners are also able to separate softer oil blobs and solid tar balls almost completely from the sand without picking up a lot of sand at the same time, a skill they had already demonstrated during past incidents like the Prestige tragedy off the Atlantic coast or the oil disaster on Australia's Sunshine Coast.


Launch of the advanced BeachTech Sweepy hydro, the small walk-behind beach cleaner, now with hydrostatic drive and quick-change system in order to use the BeachTech Sweepy hydro also in additional non-beach applications. The perfect addition to the product range.


The BeachTech 2800 combines the advantages of the BeachTech 3000 with those of the BeachTech 2000 in an effective and economical way. High-tech beach cleaning at an affordable price.


Product introduction of the self-propelled BeachTech Marina.


Launch of the BeachTech 2000 - the agile and smaller alternative to the powerful BeachTech 3000.


Separation and a fresh start: the all-terrain vehicles division splits from the Group. Public flotation follows four successful years later.


Kässbohrer once again demonstrates its innovative strength with introduction of the BeachTech. The patented screening, raking and combined cleaning technique sets new standards.


The PistenBully head off to the 11th Winter Olympics in Sapporo, garnering praise and recognition. A short time later, PistenBully begins to attract attention in the USA too.


The first PistenBully: the first prototype begins its test drive on the tank training ground – with hydrostatic drive and steering wheel control. A short time later it goes into full production with a diesel engine.


With the increasing popularity of skiing, so too grow the demands for quality slopes. The simple rollers are soon replaced by motorised devices.


Taking to the slopes: skiing comes into fashion thanks to the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix. It is to develop into a mass sport within a short time.


After the death of their father, Karl and his brother Otto take over the company. With a great deal of audacity and success: Trailer construction and numerous inventions are put in motion.


An engineer of passion: Karl Heinrich Kässbohrer fulfils the wish of his son Karl to study mechanical engineering at the TH Stuttgart, rather than a banking course.


Karl Heinrich Kässbohrer opens the omnibus line between Ulm and Wiblingen.


With the founding of his car factory in 1893, Karl Heinrich Kässbohrer lays the foundation stone for an impressive success story.

Everything begins with Georg Kässbohrer. He comes from a ship building family and builds the "Ulmer Schachtel", as its deriders like to call it: a type of single-use boat for goods, passenger and troop transport on the Danube downstream to Vienna. After the trip the boats are dismantled and recycled - a return trip would be too expensive.
Georg sees no future in traditional ship building, however, and sends four of his six sons into other professions. One of these is Karl Heinrich, a master wainwright, who is interested in and enthusiastic about new modes of transport. He founds the family company in Ulm with the "Wagenfabrik Kässbohrer". The story begins.

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