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Scott Merrill Accepts Promotion

11 May 2016

Scott T. Merrill has been promoted to Vice President of PowerBully and BeachTech for Kässbohrer All Terrain Vehicles, Inc. Mr. Merrill's new responsibilities build on his experience with the PistenBully Canyon™, PistenBully Scout™, BeachTech™ and the new PowerBully™ product lines.

14 years ago, Mr. Merrill was hired as the Utility Sales Manager, responsible for selling the Canyon, Kässbohrer's then-new tracked all-terrain vehicle, in North America. The Canyon evolved to become the PistenBully Scout, which is a current Kässbohrer utility vehicle.

In 2007 Mr. Merrill took over the BeachTech product line and started working more directly with Kässbohrer's management team in Germany. The U.S. Gulf oil spill of 2010 established BeachTech as the leading beach cleaning equipment in North America. As the spill began, Mr. Merrill recalls: "We were really not sure what to expect, but knew the oil was coming, knew we had customers in the Gulf, and knew the BeachTech was the right machine to clean the sand." BP subsequently purchased 32 BeachTech machines which worked continuously over that summer, helping the region to recover. "BeachTech did a really good thing for the environment and it was an incredible experience for all of us", according to Mr. Merrill.

In 2014, when Kässbohrer acquired Soft Track Supply, Inc., a manufacturer of large payload, industrial track carriers used in the utility industry, Mr. Merrill was promoted to National Utility Sales Manager with the opportunity to work closely with North American CEO John Gilbert in developing this new market for Kässbohrer. Mr. Merrill's primary objectives are to transition Soft Track Supply, Inc. into the PowerBully brand and develop this new market, while maintaining the Kässbohrer product's quality, integrity, service and support.

Continuing to oversee the BeachTech product line, and with the launch of the new "PowerBully" brand, Mr. Merrill is leveraging his business development background and contacts in the utility industry to establish this new business for Kässbohrer.

Mr. Merrill says, "I'm so excited and honored to be part of the PowerBully team and to see the terrific growth opportunity in this utility space. The world needs power, and in order to deliver it, companies need specialized carriers capable of moving heavy payloads into rugged terrain. Track machines are exactly what Kässbohrer has been successfully manufacturing for almost 50 years under our PistenBully brand. We are the global market leader for a reason: we build the best equipment in the world and there is no doubt in my mind that in a short period of time, PowerBully will become the global leader in the industrial track carrier markets."

Congratulations Scott Merrill, we are confident in your ability to lead PowerBully to success!

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