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Together strong

19 February 2018

Last spring Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG took over the number 2 in the Amer-ican beach cleaning market, Cherrington Inc. World market leader BeachTech continues to expand its portfolio. The product range now includes three Cherrington models: we've got the ideal vehicle to meet every need. Together BeachTech and Cherrington offer a very broad product range.

We have long been familiar with Cherrington beach cleaners - we have seen and encountered them again and again on beaches all over the world... Now we're bundling our know-how so as to meet our customers differing needs more individually.With their typical screen-cleaning concept and additional model sizes, the American vehicles meet the other requirements of beaches and customers. We are now able to offer a total of three self-propelled models with differing working widths. The range of towed vehicles is also being expanded. Custom-ers will be able to choose from several sizes and different screening technology in future, acquiring the perfect device for their needs.

The self-propelled designs: BeachTech Marina, ...
Cherrington 5500 and ...
Cherrington 3000 with working widths from 0.92 to 1.53 m
The towed BeachTech models BeachTech 3000, 2800 and 2000 are joined by the Cherrington 440 XL with working widths from 1.22 to 2.50 m.
BeachTech 2800
BeachTech 2000
New in the product portfolio at Kässbohrer: the Cherrington 440 XL
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