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Cleaning your beach in the winter time.

4 November 2013

Naturally, nobody wants to think about beach cleaning this time of year – at least here in Europe – as the season is over and lots of other things need to be taken care of! But winter storms come regularly washing ashore large amounts of refuse from the oceans increasing the difficulty to remove if you wait until spring.

Beach cleaning is not just an issue for the summer. During the fall and winter months, chunks of plastic or wood, such as tree branches end up on the beaches and get buried in the sand. So if you start clearing your beach the day prior of the season opening, you will soon meet your limits. You will have to make several passes and go very deep into the sand to get all the stuff out that got dug in during the long winter.

More and more municipalities take preventive measures to get the surfaces of their beaches cleaned on a regular basis also during the cold months. A coarse rake, mounted to the front of the BeachTech or the tractor, breaks up the packed sand and pushes large pieces and branches out of the way of the beach cleaner. This prevents them from getting buried and makes it easier for the driver to clean the very wet and heavy sand with the BeachTech machine.

The raking technique with lots of space between the pick-up roller and the pick-up blade is ideal. Easy with a BeachTech. The pick-up blade touches the surface, the tines rake the sand and throw it onto the screening mesh which then transports the garbage into the hopper.

Clean your beach during the winter time as needed and weather permitted - this will make your start into the next summer season much easier.

Municipalities in many countries count on BeachTech machines to offer clean beaches all year round. For example, heavy rains during the long wet season put extreme strains on the beaches along the Atlantic coast in France or in South America.

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