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Maskiner under Broen

16 August 2018

The machinery trade fair "Maskiner under Broen" is being held on 22nd and 23rd August 2018 in Denmark. Our new Danish dealer - Gersvang Maskiner ApS - is presenting the Cherrington 440 XL here for the first time in Northern Europe alongside Kässbohrer.

Gersvang Maskiner took over the Danish import business for BeachTech beach cleaners on 1st May. Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG with headquarters in Laupheim in Southern Germany has been producing BeachTech beach cleaners for more than 26 years. In 2017 Kässbohrer acquired the American manufacturer Cherrington. This "former" competitor produces beach cleaning vehicles with a different kind of cleaning system, which also really comes into its own away from the beach, e.g. for cleaning racecourses, water filtration basins or for soil remediation. Cherrington is now being offered by Gersvang Maskiner too.

"I'm really familiar with these machines from my previous work", says Søren Gersvang, owner of Gersvang Maskiner, continuing: "We simply have to keep our beaches free from paper, cigarette butts and seaweed if we want to expand tourism". BeachTech beach cleaning machines are available in different sizes: the small walk-behind Sweepy design is ideal for small areas; the BeachTech 2000, 2800 and 3000 models are all tractor-pulled and then there is the self-propelled Marina design.

Søren Gersvang adds: "Being able to offer Cherrington vehicles as well in the future will enable us to meet customers' needs even better thanks to a broader range of products and Cherrington's additional cleaning system".

"We're looking forward to showing off the beach cleaners at events and exhibitions", concludes Søren Gersvang. "Existing BeachTech customers in Denmark are very satisfied!"

Come and see us on 22nd/23rd August 2018 at our stand no. 19.1 - we can't wait!
More information at www.maskinerunderbroen.dk

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