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Raking technology

• Sand: wet and dry
• Surface cleaning
• Coarse contaminants (e.g. seaweed)

Screening technology

• Sand: dry
• Surface and deep cleaning
• Small contaminants
(e.g. cigarette stubs, bottle tops and pieces of glass)

Combined cleaning technology

• Sand: dry to damp
• Surface and deep cleaning
• Coarse and fine contaminants

The right answer for any contamination
Cigarette butts, pieces of glass, plastic bottles, flotsam or seaweed - thanks to the patented BeachTech raking, screening and combined cleaning technology, nothing is left behind. The raking technology means that damp sand can be cleaned to the optimum and dry sand can be processed with high speed. The screening technology involves removing a thin layer of dry sand and cleaning it of even small contaminants (e.g. cigarettes).

Continiously adjustable
With the combined cleaning technology the driver can combine both cleaning methods in a continuous operation. The switch between raking, screening and mixed cleaning can be adjusted continously. The vehicle is ready for all areas of the beach thanks to the variable use of the different cleaning technologies.